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   When the whole world wants me to give up, I still expect someone to whisper, "try again.".


   I would rather choose to stumble for a lifetime than mix up for a lifetime.


   What you see at home is always home, and what you see when you go out is the world. If you put money in front of you, you will always see money. If you put money where it is useful, you will see the world of money.


  4. The only constant truth in this world is change. Any advantage is temporary. When you have this advantage, you must take the initiative and occupy the next advantage. This requires forward-looking determination and wisdom.


  5. If you are poor, you will think of change, and if you are poor, you will think of diligence! There is no mountain higher than a man, and there is no road longer than a foot.


  6. Be kind to others, considerate of others, love life and live hard.


  7. Many people can't do themselves well because they always want to be others.


  8. There is only one way you can't choose, that is the way to give up; There is only one way you can't refuse, that is the way of growth.


  9. The so-called growth is to force you to be injured and strong.


  10. I think I will keep smiling and continue to walk my unfinished road.


  11. Those who have aspirations have thousands of plans, while those who have no aspirations only feel thousands of difficulties.


  12. Time leaves wisdom to the diligent and emptiness and regret to the lazy. Diligent people always feel that time passes too fast; Lazy people always complain that time runs too slowly.


  13. It's not that I can't do it alone. I've never been strong. No one has to worry.


  14. Maybe I have no talent, only fighting spirit, I will never lose to anyone. Such a classic inspirational short sentence is worth collecting for a lifetime.


  15. Usually, the road to success is full of thorns and bumps. No one can succeed casually. The road to success is fine black and lonely, but as long as you have a lamp in your heart that is always on, and you have the courage to break through boldly, who will be the winner in the end.


  16. Most people want to change the world, but few want to change themselves.


  17. There are always wonderful reasons for a wonderful life. Those who laugh last will laugh sweetest.


  18. Life is not so much your unfortunate facts as your pessimistic ideas.


  19. Life is like a big stage. Everyone has his own role to play. It's up to you to decide what role you want to play.


  20. Without the cold wind, there will be no plum blossom in full bloom; Do not experience the cold frost wrapped in vegetables, will not have the tenacity of green bamboo, will not experience heavy snow, and will not have the straightness of green pine; Without cold winter, there will be no bright spring.


  21. Go out and take a good road, say good words and do good deeds.


  22. You always leave your dreams in the future, travel in the next time, and what you want to do in the future. Then it should be the time point in the future. You are suddenly defeated by no time. All the reasons are just excuses for procrastination and laziness. There is no such thing as wasting time in the world. The only thing you waste is yourself.


  23. Although the ant nest is small, it will collapse thousands of miles.


  24. If you are simple, the world is a fairy tale; The heart is complex, and the world is a maze.


  25. If you flinch before victory, you will often only embrace failure; If you persist in difficult times, you will often achieve new success.


  26. Cats like to eat fish, but cats can't swim. Fish like to eat earthworms, but fish can't go ashore. God has given you many temptations, but he won't let you get them easily. If you want to achieve it, you must strive for it yourself. Life is like a dandelion, seemingly free, but often involuntarily. Life has no ifs, only results. If you try your best, just try your best.


  27. There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, to still love life after recognizing the truth of life.


  28. When you are young, you are not afraid to suffer more. These adversity and training will make you really learn humility. Otherwise, your self righteous intelligence and contempt for all superiority will destroy you sooner or later.


  29. The greatest secret and wealth of life is health and happiness. Sad emotions are a waste of short life, which is really unnecessary. It's never too late to take the initiative to seek a new beginning.


  30. Don't blame others for letting you down. Blame yourself for expecting too much. It doesn't matter whether some people or words are reasonable or not; Because I see it clearly, I despise it. In everyone's character, there are some unacceptable parts, no matter how beautiful people are. So don't be hard on others and don't blame yourself.


  31. There are two tragedies in life. One is despair; The other is complacency. Bernard Shaw.


  32. Don't be angry, strive for success, don't see through, break through, don't be jealous, appreciate, don't delay, be positive, don't move, take action.


  33. In life, there is only happiness moving forward in a curve, and there is no success rising in a straight line. Only cherish today will there be a better tomorrow; Only by grasping today can we have a more brilliant tomorrow.


  34. Fate may be doomed, but many different changes can be changed in hands.


  35. Behind the dark clouds is always a clear sky.


  36. The house built of building blocks looks beautiful, but it will collapse inadvertently. When you hold the sand in both hands, you will not get the Pearl on the ground. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.


  37. No one living in this world can avoid injury and pain. Heal when you hurt, cry when you hurt, don't hide, don't hide. Cry, pain, dry your tears, continue to work hard and move forward. After crying, you should forget. After the pain, you should put it down. Don't always remember the injury and the pain. Tomorrow, the new sun still rises and faces it with a smile.


  38. Pride is a kite with a broken lead, which is fleeting; Inferiority is a bird with two wings cut off, which is difficult to go to the sky. Both are taboos for success.


  39. Anyone who can see through everything is mine; Those who can't see through, nothing is mine.


  40. It's best to make any decision without wronging yourself or embarrassing others.


  41. Don't let the future you hate yourself now.


  42. No matter how slow you are, it doesn't matter. As long as you have the determination, you will eventually get where you want to go.


  43. Be able to see through, open your mind, take it up, put it down, stand upright and go straight. Three blessings in life: peace is a blessing, health is a blessing, and loss is a blessing. Three indisputable in life: don't compete with your superiors, don't compete with your peers, and don't compete with your subordinates. Three pleasures in life: good wine, best friend and pillow book. Three regrets in life: don't make good friends, don't grasp good opportunities, and don't learn from teachers. Three for life: harmony is precious, kindness is the foundation, and honesty is the first.


  44. In the fertile soil of struggle, a drop of sweat is a good seed of hope.


  45. We can't control opportunities, but we can control ourselves.


  46. Remember, don't always remind yourself of the misfortunes you encounter. You should know that many people in this world are more unfortunate than you. As long as you can look up and see the sunshine, you are lucky. What a person advertises herself, she can only live in the prison she has set for herself. Only positive sentiment can make life better, I believe tomorrow will be better than today. As long as you work hard, you will have everything you want.


  47. Falling is not a failure, but not getting up is a failure; Walking is not success, only perseverance is victory.


  48. Never give up. There is no failure in the world, only give up.


  49. Efforts can't achieve everything. It can only tell you where you can go the farthest.


  50. No one in the world is excellent or not, and everyone is excellent when they are forced to a dead end; With a retreat, everyone is mediocre; There is a long and beautiful road in the world called dream, and a high and hard wall called reality; Climbing over that wall is called persistence; Pushing down that wall is called breakthrough; Defeat yourself is the strong man of fate.

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