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  01. Growing up is actually very simple, that is, meeting people who subvert your three outlooks again and again.


  02. Although you leave a deep regret, you can learn to cherish the beauty around you from now on.


  03. The material desires of life suffocate us, but we grow up wantonly in this anoxic environment.


  04. Tenderness is always too late to take precautions, so is leaving. Empathy is not suitable for listeners.


  05. The word "false alarm" is the best idiom in the world. It is a hundred times better than what is cheerful, colorful and smooth sailing.


  06. I can't tell whether the past two years are really bad or whether it's because when I grow up, I always feel it's difficult to do anything, interpersonal communication and love. The biggest feeling is not sadness, but fatigue.


  07. If you have the strength to be lovelorn, it's better to make money. You can't die without love, and you can't die without money. Less affectation, more effort. You have to earn the kind of life you want. You are an adult.


  08. There is no one who can't forget, but always resent his fruitless pay and wasted love.


  09. I don't mean to be angry. I just don't know how to express my unhappiness in a less sharp way. Moreover, I need to calm down to digest my emotions.


  10. We all know the truth, but we will still complain about what we should complain about, scold what we should scold, and cry what we should cry. After all, the pain in our hearts can not be relieved by the truth.


  11. Don't care too much about some superficial emotions between people. Those who make close friends don't need it, and those who make extensive friends don't need it. If you don't care about emotion, it won't hurt you.


  12. Years have not promised anyone to be safe, nor arranged anyone to be alone. Life is like a kaleidoscope of happiness, anger, sorrow, bitterness and bitterness.


  13. Up to now, the only thing I want to see as truth is this: everything will pass.


  14. It's really easy for people to get separated. If they don't contact for a day, a week or a month, they will unconsciously become the past.


  15. There can be no points between people. Once a point is born, the remaining seven or eight points will follow. Only children will ask why you ignore me, while adults leave tacitly.


  16. You should learn to accept the departure of others. They may go to other worlds to upgrade and fight monsters. They also have their own stars and sea.


  17. Time doesn't really help us solve any problems. It just makes the original problems that we can't figure out how to become no longer important.


  18. Time determines who we meet, and the Three Outlooks determine who we stay. The Three Outlooks agree, lead each other thousands of miles apart, and the Three Outlooks disagree with each other without speculation.


  19. If I have long hair, I will be thin, speak appropriately, be gentle, rational and intellectual, no longer expect anyone, I will grow up, which I am doing.


  20. Growing up doesn't mean exploring the result and truth of everything. Growing up must be accompanied by sensitivity and anxiety. The only solution is to stand up, go out and do what you should, like and can do. Unrealistic fantasy has no meaning, and action is the best digestion.


  21. People always call the courage of teenagers rebellious and the cowardice of adults taking into account the overall situation. Later, I learned that the courage of teenagers is used in the wrong place, and the cowardice of adults has experienced wind and frost.


  22. Life is a fierce battle. Whether you give painkillers or slaps, you have to practice your courage alone, no one is exception.


  23. When I was a child, I naively thought that if I didn't want to, no matter what, as long as I cried, I made trouble, I insisted, I would finally move forward according to my predetermined track. When I grow up, I find that not everything can be achieved in the end, and there is not necessarily someone who belongs to you.


  Try to understand the meaning of your immature personality and try to explain the original grievance in front of you.


  25. Every excellent person has a period of silence. During that period, he made a lot of efforts but failed to get results. We call him rooting.


  26. I always believe that the little good things I have done in ordinary days will accumulate a little, and then give me a big tenderness in a uncertain time.


  27. Hard work is addictive, especially after tasting the sweetness; Not working hard is also addictive, especially when playing with mobile phones in bed.


  28. Sometimes I don't understand why people are so tired when they are alive and why they look at people's faces everywhere. Gradually, I find that I can't laugh. After a long time of suffering, I don't know what sweetness is. After a long time, I see my photos of junior high school, my familiar and unfamiliar self.


  29. I hope someone can understand your sadness and all the care behind your anxiety. I hope someone will hold you in the palm of their hand and desire to comfort all your lonely emotions. Don't be disappointed and confused with yourself. Wait.


  30. When quarreling, never say cruel words to the people you love, because language is often weak when expressing love, but especially sharp when expressing harm.


  31. Learn to control yourself. Don't say cruel words at the high point of emotion. Many words are too hurtful, but you don't know it when you say it. The emotion will pass, but the damage left to the other party will always be there. Learn to be cold before you say cruel words. Sit still for a few seconds, go through your head, and learn to shut up at the right time.


  32. Apologizing is not necessarily groveling. It is not necessarily saying that I am wrong without conscience. Its most important thing is to convey the compromise I don't want to let the quarrel continue. It is to convey that no matter how angry we are, the person I care about most is you.


  33. Compromise without principle will make people think you have no opinion; Forgiveness without a bottom line will make people think you don't distinguish right from wrong. How others treat you is often the result of your own training.


  34. In a "lazy" state, I'm too lazy to socialize, communicate and understand new trends. In the final analysis, I'm still tired. People have their own gullies. At the beginning, they can pretend to shake off their beautiful feathers. Deep into the maze, I don't want to go any further. You don't want to open the door. It's good to keep a peaceful distance.


  35. Are you surprised? In the past, it was very simple to like a person, and it was very difficult to forget a person. Later, I found that it was more and more difficult to like a person, but it was more and more simple to forget a person.


  36. One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange songs. Then one day, you will find that the things you tried hard to forget are really forgotten.


  37. Another version of greedy Snake: "as we grow up, we gradually lose the courage to run amok."


  38. Time is really the best span in the world. It makes the pain pale and the persistent people choose to leave. Then after the vicissitudes of life, people come and go, you will understand that everything is life, not by people at all.


  39. The world of adults: you can be hypocritical at dark, and you have to work hard at dawn!


  40. It's important to stop losses in time. You've lost something. If you can't recover it, the only thing you can do is not to lose more.

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