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  1. It doesn't matter if you're not smart, as long as you make a little progress every day... Diligence can make up for awkwardness is a good lesson, one part is hard work, one part is talent. Yes, it doesn't matter if you're not smart, as long as you work hard, you can make up for your shortcomings. Good morning.


  2. Love is not like drinking beer. With a big table of people, love should be like drinking coffee, quietly tasting alone in a corner. Good morning.


  3. Only those who are grateful will be full of vitality, open-minded and wise, with good luck always present and away from troubles. Good morning.


  4. Some people live in tall buildings, some are in deep ditches, some shine brightly, some are covered in rust, and there are countless kinds of people. Don't seek the floating clouds, for a person is like a rainbow, knowing it when they meet someone above. Good morning.


  5. You still have many unfinished dreams, why do you have to stop. Good morning.


  6. The starting point of success is when the mountains and rivers are at an end, and the emergence of hope is when the road turns. As long as there is a sun in the heart, there is no fear of the vicissitudes of life. If everything can go with it, it is a good season in the world. Good morning.


  7. Go meet the person you want to see, take advantage of the sunshine. Good morning.


  8. Grasping something means giving up more. Abandoning and losing are actually always the bigger picture of life. Life is like tea, life is like water. Water can make tea sweet from bitterness, and the trials of life can help people overcome hardships and taste the sweetness of happiness. Without suffering, there is no sweetness. One thought is bitter, one thought is sweet, and another thought is hope. Good morning.


  9. The greater pain of a person is not that they cannot understand, but that they cannot be confused. In life, we cannot be too persistent in many things, and we cannot be too clever and alert in our way of dealing with others, otherwise it will only become our weakness. It's better to be confused when necessary. Although confusion is difficult, it's hard to be confused. Good morning.


  10. Throughout one's life, one constantly makes friends and also constantly eliminates them! Because as we walk, our direction becomes inconsistent, our personalities become incompatible, and our status becomes vastly different. That's why there is a sigh of life where having a confidant is enough! My confidant, it has nothing to do with how much we meet or whether we have money or not, but it must be related to whether we are kind, sincere, and kind! Don't care who you have lost, you must cherish who is left behind! Because what remains is the best. A new day has begun, cherish the people in front of you. Good morning.


  11. People live for themselves, don't expect everyone to understand you, don't expect everything to go smoothly. In the midst of hardship and exhaustion, know how to comfort oneself. No one is heartbroken, but one must be strong; No one applauds, we must fly; No one appreciates it, even if it's fragrant. When busy, secretly idle, don't lose your health; When tired, stop and don't lose happiness. As long as you have a home in your heart, you won't get lost in life. Good morning.


  12. Dreams are never long enough; But we need dreams! Emotions always hurt people, but we still cannot forget them; Rain, no matter how beautiful it is, we still like sunshine! You, although not by my side, have never forgotten you! Good morning.


  13. Everyone has a ruler in their heart. We use it to measure others, but more often than not, we should measure ourselves. In this world, there should be a ruler that is warm in emotions, fair in reason, just in law, and always shining with the brilliance of human nature. As long as we persist in starting from myself, starting from little by little, blaming ourselves, treating others generously, a single spark will inevitably start a prairie fire, and the world will eventually be filled with sunshine and love. Good morning, everyone.


  14. May we all meet the right person at the right time, never leave, never give up! Good morning.


  15. I have been in love with you for so long, without even saying goodbye. Good morning.


  16. It is difficult to be a person without poverty, and forever innocent without punishment. Maturity is nothing but being good at hiding, and vicissitudes are nothing but tears and wounds. Good morning along the way, there are millions of people passing by, but only you know and accompany each other. Time flies, erasing vows and diluting love. In the face of fleeting time, only you are forever. Good morning, dear.


  17. Some pressures always have to be borne by oneself, and speaking them out becomes a complaint full of negative energy. Seeking comfort is of no use and only adds to the troubles of others. And when you walk through difficulties and obstacles alone, you will definitely be grateful for yourself who persevered without saying a word. Keep going. Good morning.


  18. Those who are calm are tall, and those who are tall overlook the world; Harmony in the heart is benevolent, and benevolence embraces all things; Those with a kind heart are deep, while those with a deep heart are indifferent to warmth and cold; Wise hearts bring peace, and peace brings laughter to life. Good morning.


  19. The things we think we will never forget are forgotten by us in the process of never forgetting. Good morning.


  20. Amidst the vast sea of people, it is not easy to meet a confidant who can be confided in. Why don't we cherish this encounter? Our emotions are like the bright moon in the sky, pure and flawless, shining on the small streams flowing in the mountains. The warm and clear spiritual flow towards each other, the precious affection and intimate love, without words, make each other cherish each other tightly. Time is too short, vows are too light, and time and space are also separated. Our friendship, the heart of true love, will be forever. Good morning.


  21. Can you stop liking others and just like me. Good morning.


  My life is a straight line, turning just to meet you. Good morning.


  23. Feeling happy is happiness. Good morning.


  After middle age, we should speak in moderation to avoid unnecessary negative consequences and to become a popular person. Good morning.


  25. Don't be disheartened, even if you lose everything, tomorrow is still in your hands. Good morning.


  26. Life is never too young or too old, everything is just right. Good morning.


  27. Whether it's right or wrong has already passed. Although you are no longer stubborn, I am no longer a wandering me. Therefore, we must still pass by with the deepest attachment. Good morning.


  28. The reason why a jack can lift a thousand pounds of heavy objects is because it always insists on being grounded. The reason why water droplets cannot string a necklace is because they always lack the luster and texture of pearls. Good morning.


  A small heart makes small things big. A big heart makes big things small. When the heart is tired, the body is tired. When the heart is chaotic, the external environment is chaotic. When the heart is not moving, everything is there. The power of the heart is that it does not grow or die, does not stain or purify, does not increase or decrease. Good morning.


  30. There's nothing that can't be passed, it just can't be returned. Good morning.


  31. It is impossible to say how many times a person will love in their lifetime, or how many people will truly love us. We should learn to cherish and release fate and fate. Only in this way can we live more freely and make others live more freely. Good morning.


  Sometimes, what you miss is memories, not people. Good morning.


  33. Misfortune is greater than dissatisfaction, and blame is greater than desire. In the practice of life, adding necessary nutrients and reducing unnecessary burdens, doing well in the addition and subtraction of life, giving and receiving, and being orderly, will enrich the meaning of our life. Good morning.


  In this world, there are millions of truths, and everything that starts from the actual situation is an eternal and unchanging truth. Use this truth to guide your life, and you will create a beautiful new starting point for yourself! Good morning.


  35. Life is 10% about how you shape it, and 90% about how you treat it. Good morning.


  36. Great job. So please take responsibility and do it happily. Since you have chosen being a housewife as your profession, enjoy it. Please refer to the word "good morning" for work.


  37. To cultivate an orderly style of behavior, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules and regulations, and be able to distinguish the importance and urgency of everything. Only in this way can we gradually make things organized and achieve good results. Good morning.


  38. I used to think that happiness was when someone came to comfort you when you sneezed, someone picked off the stars in the sky when you frowned, someone accompanied you crazy when you couldn't sleep, and someone accompanied you when you were bored. Indulge in all your unreasonable and troublemaking behavior, tolerate all your troublemaking and entanglement, and most importantly, he still takes it for granted. Now, I no longer think that way. I believe that as long as I feel like crying, finding someone to call is happiness. Good morning.


  39. Understand that the most peaceful and beautiful moments in life, forgotten, and painful scars. In front of the wind and rain, that is the direction of the rainbow. Good morning.


  Most of the time, people who claim to speak straightforwardly are just unwilling to think about the other person's feelings. Good morning.


  41. Take life's successes and failures lightly, and the entangled grudges and grudges lightly. Don't excessively pursue a brilliant and brilliant life. The magnificent legendary experiences are mostly stories that happen in books. For ordinary people, mediocrity is the main thread of our lives. Good morning.


  42. When men and women are together, there are many vastly different issues, such as family background, income, and education. In fact, getting along with each other is not a problem at all. On the contrary, seemingly simple small issues, such as the bottom line of being a person and attitude towards emotions, can become insurmountable gaps. Material conditions, no matter how much, are mostly minor issues. Spiritually, no matter how small, it is also a big problem. The matching of souls is the most important. Good morning.


  43. Live happily, feel, release your inner self, relax your whole being, and focus your mind on what you are doing, without the need for unexpected situations, allowing your inner self to be fully revealed. Your inner self seems to be in another four-dimensional space, appreciating and observing you in another space. In this way, we will feel that we are living in heaven and life is full of joy. Good morning.


  44. Yesterday is something that cannot be left behind. If left behind, the roots will be reduced to ashes and sprout again. However, the mundane emotions will eventually become tiring and overwhelming. Today, it is impossible to hold onto, and holding onto it will result in the residue remaining unchanged, while the reason and interest will be reversed to the root of desire. Tao Qian wrote a poem: "I have truly lost my way, yet I am not far away. I feel that I am now, but yesterday was not.". So if you can't bear the sunset, you will lose all the stars in the sky. Buddha talks about past events, and losing a section is a section; Now things go one by one; In the future, saving a section is a section. Cheer up, good morning.


  45. Helping others get what they want will make their dreams come true. Good morning.


  Those who understand and persist will always reap rewards. Don't be discouraged just because of one failure. Failure should make you braver and braver. Don't forget your initial dream. Everything you do today is paving the way for tomorrow's success. It's not that you have no conditions to succeed, it's not that you are inferior to others, but that others dare to give, dare to try, and never give up. Remember: Success only favors those who are prepared! Good morning.


  47. A friend said, "You leave, I won't see you off.". You come, no matter how strong the wind or heavy the rain is, I will go and pick you up. I appreciate that kind of mood the most. Good morning.


  48. I have heard a lot of chicken soup about love, watched many movies and TV shows about love, and tried countless times to persuade myself, but I still can't be so free and easy. Good morning.


  49. Life doesn't need to be too tiring, just feel moderate; Life doesn't need to be too sweet, too much sweetness can lead to sourness; Life doesn't need to be too rich, wealth is difficult to know poverty; Life doesn't need to be too smooth, setbacks make strong people. Good morning.


  A new week has begun again, and new pressure will come. Having pressure is a good thing, it can motivate us to strive forward. Life is like this, there is no ifs, only results, no turning back, only moving forward and cheering together! Good morning.

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